Thank you for reading the blog!

As we are approaching the summer holidays, we would like to take a minute to thank all of you who are reading and following our High Performance Concrete blog. Because of you, the blog has reached to an extent that we had never dreamed possible. With almost 2000 views from more than 400 unique visitors in more than 30 countries, we could not be happier. Visitors from Central, North and South America, Scandinavia and all over Europe to people from South Africa, Philippines, India, Malaysia and China have found their way to the blog. Thank you all VERY much!




Blogpost catalogue

The blog is built around many thoughts, editorial meetings, writing hours and planning sessions and the last three months Tommy Bæk Hansen, Bendt Aarup, Hans Bruun Nissen and Rogier van Nalta have covered many interesting topics. If you missed a couple of posts, I have listed all of the topics covered for you to go back in the catalogue to read. The list is put in order according to popularity with the most read blogposts being CRC ductility, Considerations when using High Performance Concrete and World leaders of UHPC? Take a look in the list below.


  1. CRC ductility (May 10)
  2. Considerations when using High Performance Concrete (June 21)
  3. World leaders in UHPC? (April 4)
  4. Cold bending CRC i2® (May 17)
  5. Surface aesthetics of CRC i2® (May 3)
  6. Fire resistance – is it a problem for UHPC? (May 31)
  7. Calculating with CRC i2® (April 26)
  8. Users 10 step guide for CRC 2® (May 24)
  9. The Infinite Potentials of Concrete – and UHPC (June 28)
  10. CRC i2® in actual fires – Part I (June 7)
  11. CRC vs. CRC i2® (April 4)
  12. CRC – basic properties (April 4)
  13. CRC i2® in actual fires – Part II (June 14)


Summer break

After a great half season of the High Performance Concrete blog we will take a break during the summer holidays, which means that we are not going to write any further posts until August 23. We are very excited to return to posting on the blog and as the blog continues we will, among other topics, start our series of posts by covering structural applications of CRC i2®.

AND ….

Now, we have also reached the time where we would like to invite YOU to contribute to the blog with topics that you hunger to know more about. We are all in for writing content that creates value for you, and therefore your inputs are crucial for us to create the best possible blogposts in the weeks to come.

We hope that you keep reading in August and we are looking forward to receiving ideas for topics to cover.

Thanks again for your time and have a great summer!


The faces behind the blog

Tommy.red2               bka1               Julieredigeret3
Tommy Bæk Hansen                                     Bendt Kjær Aarup                                          Julie Nayberg Thomsen
Group Product Development Manager   Group Material Development Manager  Group Brand Manager
Hi-Con Group (DK)                                     Hi-Con Group (DK)                                      Hi-Con Group (DK)

Hans Bruun Nissen                                       Rogier van Nalta
Group Business Development Manager  Head of Innovation Department
Hi-Con Group (DK)                                      Pieters Bouwtechniek (NL)

Give us your feedback below. That would make us very happy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thank you for reading the blog!

  1. Greetings. As I am new to your posts and site, I would like to say how much I appreciate your expertise and experience and posts. I was a mason for many years and now sell basalt fiber reinforcements in the US and worldwide. My associates also have gotten license to a new UHPC they plan on introducing soon and we welcome associative help and knowledge and I hope we may be able to do some business together. Being new in this business as you know is daunting and there are many hurdles for us to jump, however it is exciting. I can see how much extensive testing and analysis you have done and do regularly. Best regards and please contact if interested thanks. Nick

    1. Hi Nick. We appreciate your comments and are pleased that our posts have been of value to you. We have tested basalt fibres for some of our applications but are not yet ready to use them in combination with conventional reinforcement – but we know they are receiving a lot of interest for especially facade applications. Best of luck with introducing UHPC in the US – it has taken a while but we are seeing more and more UHPC projects also in the US – and especially in connection with bridge construction. I attended the 1st International Interactive Symposium on UHPC, which was held in Des Moines last July and there was really a lot of activity in this field. The next Symposium is scheduled for Albany in June 2019 so perhaps you will have something to present at that time :-). Best regards Bendt

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