Do you remember Experiment R?


Back in September we introduced you to the advanced casting of Experiment R – The 21 meters long, 8 meters wide, 3,5 meters high and 19 tons heavy artwork, which we have been working on together with Aarhus School of Architecture since 2012.

As mentioned in the blogpost 1,5 months ago, the sculpture consists of 6 unique elements in CRC i2® high performance concrete, bolted and glued together.


The first element has already been cast in the production in Hjallerup, and the next casting takes place next week. Thereafter, we plan to cast an element every second week and have the sculpture ready and installed before 2018. We will keep you updated on the process – Fingers crossed 🙂


You can read or reread the full blogpost here.


3D visualization

But at Hi-Con we do not only cast the elements in high performance concrete, we also print out the elements at our 3D printer. Of course we have a lot of fun doing this, but it is also quite useful to our colleagues in the production to see how the final elements should look like. Therefore, all six elements have been printed and glued together to make a true copy of the final sculpture in a scale of 1:40.


3D printer printing the first five elements of the Experiment R sculpture


Final result of the 3D printed, 1:40 scale, model of the – soon to be done – sculpture we have been working on for the past five years. 


Working together across the organisation and creating synergies is a great part of working at Hi-Con. Therefore, we take all sorts of techniques and ways of sharing knowledge into use, when we work on different projects and advanced castings like the Experiment R. We often state that “we like the projects that are difficult” – a statement that is a huge part of the Hi-Con innovation culture and therefore relies on a mix of all skills within the company to live up to.

Thank you very for reading the blog – if you have any questions in regards to this particular project or any other project, please leave a comment below 🙂



Julie Nayberg Thomsen
Group Brand Manager
Hi-Con A/S

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