Considering high performance concrete



For every purpose, there is one or more well-suited materials. UHPC is not always the right choice for the job and we are very much aware of saying so early in the process and refer to other materials and suppliers if we think that UHPC is not the right material. This depends mainly on the desired expression, structural properties, maintenance requirements, functionality, price etc.


But, when should you consider choosing high performance concrete? That is what this post is about. Of course we are aware of us being maybe a tiny bit biased by the great potentials that we believe the material possesses – sorry for that. But we hope at the same time to inspire you to feel a little bit the same way 🙂 You can also visit or revisit the post about The infinite potentials of concrete to be inspired.


Considering high performance concrete

Consider everything as being possible when working with CRC i2® high performance concrete. Regardless of the specific project or purpose, we take the statement of “making dreams come true in high performance concrete” very seriously.  For example within the areas of:


Housing projects like balconies, staircases or facade panels that require a specific design in aesthetics, size, functionality, high strength, fire resistance, Crack control, low weight on the building, maintenance-free surface, special installation principles, connection principles etc. within both renovation or new build.

Considering2  Considering3
Pictures showing the renovation project “Ved Volden” with new balconies recreating the original design and the renovation project at “Thorvaldsensvej” with new balconies installed on existing building.


Considering4  Considering12
The new build project “Ørestadshuset” in Copenhagen with balconies in high performance concrete providing the building with an exciting architectural expression. And the large staircase at “Copenhagen Plant Science center”



Infrastructure solutions like bridges where functionality and strong design are important

Considering5  Considering6
Catharina Bridge in Leiden and Pijnacker Bridge for light traffic



Urban designs like benches, tables or scene coverings in high performance concrete that helps create a functional indoor and outdoor space.

Considering7  Considering8
Zaha Hadid benches in the Winton Gallery Science Museum in London and a Scene Covering in Brønderslev assembled on site with CRC JointCast.


The 21 meter long and 19 ton heavy Experiment R sculpture.



Safe like terror protection and explosions with the necessity of high ductility/Link/ and crack control, fire resistance.


Explosion video  – SCC vs. CRC



Or Environment like wave and wind-energy

Considering10  Considering11
Making renewable energy and off shore structure


To sum up this blogpost, high performance is a great choice of material if you are facing any kind of project that requires a customized design that takes functionality, ductility, crack control, shape, size, aesthetic design, durability, weight etc. into account. If you consider to work with high performance concrete in your next building project I recommend you to jump back into the previous post “Users 10 step guide to CRC i2®” by Tommy B. Hansen or take a look at the 10 steps summarized below:


  1. Think BIG
  3. Start EARLY
  4. Seek out REFERENCES
  5. Consider the CONTEXT
  6. Consider INSTALLATION early
  7. Don’t wait with the DETAILS
  8. SIMPLIFY if possible
  9. Clarify what you expect of SURFACE EXPRESSION
  10. CONTACT Hi-Con as soon as possible.


Thank you very much for reading the blog. If you have any comments or questions concerning the post, please leave a comment below.



Julie Nayberg Thomsen
Group Brand Manager
Hi-Con A/S

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