Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Soon the Christmas Holidays are here and therefore, we would like to stop for a moment and thank all of our readers and followers for their continued interest in our blog. Because of you, we maintain our motivation of writing about our experiences with our own material CRC i2® high performance concrete and the application of UHPC in Hi-Con and abroad. We would also like to thank our Spanish UHPC friends, who writes a lot of positive words about Hi-Con and has been inspired to start their own blog to spread the word about Ultra High Performance Concrete.


As the blog took its beginning in April 2017, we had no expectation for its extent and interest. Now, with around 1500 unique visitors and more than 6000 views from people in 52 countries, we are more than happy with how far we have come. Thank you!


Now, we are taking a break from posting on the blog and we are looking forward to continuing the blog on January 10, 2018. In 2018 we are, among other subjects, going to write posts covering different topics about norms and standards within high performance concrete, structural applications, the office expansion process and the completed Experiment R.

Your top 10 blogposts

We will end this last half of the year with providing you with YOUR top 10 blogposts of the year and remind you to visit our Hi-Con Christmas Quiz and win the HI-CON STOOL. Today is your last chance to participate.





  1. World Leaders in UHPC?
  2. First impressions from a UHPC conference in Montpellier, France
  3. Advanced casting – Experiment R
  4. The Infinite Potentials of Concrete
  5. CRC Ductility
  6. Considerations when using High Performance Concrete
  7. Hi-Con main office expansion
  8. Cold Bending CRC i2®
  9. Repairing UHPC elements
  10. CRC JointCast – Joints that are small, strong and simple


Billede af julekort

Once again, THANK YOU very much for your interest and please leave a comment below if you want to influence the topics covered next year!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 🙂

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