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Experiment R update 00 - 1920px
Three of four cast elements for the Experiment R project amidst other elements in the finishing section of the production area at Hi-Con in Hjallerup.
I hope You had a Merry Christmas, and a festive New Year’s Eve, and on behalf of all of us here at Hi-Con I would like to welcome you back to our UHPC blog with an update on the advanced casting project, Experiment R.
We have currently cast and demolded four of the six large elements that will be used to realise the 19-ton and 21 meters long sculpture in light-coloured CRC i2®:


Experiment R update 01 - 1920px
To date, the four elements highlighted in blue have been cast, and formwork assembly for the second plate element has been initiated.
As you can see from the image above, the four elements are the smaller of the six elements and with a total weight of app. 7.25 tons they constitute less than 40 % of the total volume – but have proven very difficult to reinforce and cast.
Particularly one element designated A2 was challenging, because the mold was made in 2 sides and middle part, and had to be build up and reinforced successively:


Experiment R update 03 - 1920px
A2 formwork and reinforcement assembly process: First inner form side ready for reinforcement (top left), first side reinforced (top right), middle inner form in place (lower left) and second reinforcement layer in place with last 3D cut inner form side hanging in crane (lower right).



Experiment R update 04 - 1920 px
A2 final formwork assembly: Final 3D cut inner form side in place (top left), half of the last EPS wedges in place (top right), All parts of the inner form in place (lower left) and outer steel formwork assembled and secured for casting (lower right).
A lot of hours were spent contemplating different options on securing the reinforcement whilst ensuring cover layer to all sides and at the same time allowing the form sides to be moved into position.
This last issue – reinforcement fixation while allowing movement of the form sides – proved to be even more challenging for the first of the two plate elements, designated B2:


Experiment R update 05a - 1920 px
B2 Formwork and reinforcement assembly: Finishing work on the inner formwork (top), and composite of two images of the completed reinforcement prior to closing the inner formwork (lower). Note the upward facing stirrup (red arrow) and the downward facing ridge in the opposing formwork side (blue arrow).
Due to the app. 120-degree longitudinal twist of the element, the reinforcement had to build up on both sides before closing the form, while ensuring that the reinforcement on both sides had correct cower layer, placement and overlap. Even more, in both ends there were problems with reinforcement parts that could not pass opposing form parts during closing when fixed rigidly to the reinforcement cage, so in several places, a moveable fixing and spring like support of the reinforcement bars had to be constructed.
We really had a lot of fun thinking this up !!
In the end we managed to get the formwork closed and cast:


Experiment R update 06 - 1920 px
Completed B2 Element in the finishing section.
I will report more from the final two casts of the project, and of course when it is erected.
As always, feel free to share you your comments or ask questions!


Tommy Bæk Hansen
Project Development Manager

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