The blog wishes you a great summer!

The summer is just around the corner and therefore, the blog is taking a break to breathe out after a busy and exciting year with many different subjects covered on the blog. Before the blog takes a summer break, we would like to send a big THANK YOU for reading our blog and for being a bit of a nerd with us.


15 month ago, we started this blog with the intention of giving all interested a look into the world of high performance concrete. We were aware that the blog covered quite a niche area and therefore, we started the blog with as low expectations as possible – of course hoping to get a lot of readers – but we never expected the blog to reach to the extent, which we have experienced just 15 months after posting for the first time.




Thanks to you the blog has been viewed more than 15.000 times by more than 4000 unique visitors from 71 countries around the world. The blog has gone world-wide with UHPC interested from Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, The United States of America, South America, Australia etc. visiting the blog. That is very exciting and hard to believe, really! Below you can read or re-read some the most popular blogpost the past 15 month.


Your top 10 blog posts:

  1. World leaders in UHPC?
  2. CRC ductility
  3. Considerations when using UHPC
  4. CRC vs. CRC i2®
  5. Advanced casting – Experiment R
  6. The infinite potentials of concrete
  7. First impressions from a UHPC conference
  8. CRC basic properties
  9. Cold Bending
  10. Users 10 step guide to CRC i2®



What to expect next

After a great year, covering a lot of UHPC subjects, the blog will take a break during the summer holidays. Therefore, no further posts will be posted on the blog until August 15. BUT, from August you can expect many exciting posts concerning topics like the completed Experiment R sculpture, the main office expansion at Hi-Con, high performance concrete life cycle analysis, fire tests and many more. Furthermore, you can expect a monthly blogpost frequency, where we post one, in-depth and extensive post per month. However, we will of course post with a higher frequency if we face subjects with high actuality 😊


Would you like to know more about Hi-Con?

Our blog posts have primarily had a technical content, but as a light contrast to the technical issues, I will end this blog entry by showing you something about the culture at Hi-Con – a recent video that we think explains a lot about the company and the people that work there – and just in 4 short minutes. Take a look!



That is all for now! We are looking very much forward to resume the blog in August. Until then, we wish you a great and sunny summer and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any subjects you would like us to cover 🙂


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Julie Nayberg Thomsen                         Tommy Bæk Hansen
Group Brand Manager                           Group Project Development Manager                                  

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Bendt Kjær Aarup                                   Hans Bruun Nissen
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