Experiment R update

Three of four cast elements for the Experiment R project amidst other elements in the finishing section of the production area at Hi-Con in Hjallerup. I hope You had a Merry Christmas, and a festive New Year’s Eve, and on behalf of all of us here at Hi-Con I would like to welcome you back … More Experiment R update

Repairing UHPC elements

Completely avoiding damage to UHPC elements is not possible – accidents do happen – so how to repair them? When considering using UHPC elements for a project, a recurring concern from the contractor is whether it is possible to make repairs to UHPC elements damaged or soiled during installation or the subsequent building process. This … More Repairing UHPC elements

CRC i2® fibre types

Selecting the right steel fibre alloy for the application is essential to achieve a good aesthetic performance   One of the frequent questions during project negotiations is why it is necessary to use expensive stain inhibiting steel fibres.   To answer this, I will show some examples of how different fibre types look after a … More CRC i2® fibre types

First impressions from a UHPC conference in Montpellier, France

  On October 2nd to October 4th I had the pleasure of attending a Symposium on UHPFRC (I expect that if you are reading this blog you are familiar with the acronym) held in Montpellier, France. And I do mean “pleasure” – leaving damp and chilly Denmark in the autumn for sunny South of France … More First impressions from a UHPC conference in Montpellier, France

CRC i2® application cases – JointCast

Staircase at Copenhagen Plant Science Center – Created using CRC JointCast® In his most recent post, CRC JointCast – Joints that are small, strong and simple, Bendt Aarup presented the origin and the idea behind JointCast – Hi-Cons special ‘super glue’ for on-site merging of elements into monolithic structures. In this post I’ll use a few … More CRC i2® application cases – JointCast